Homemade Indonesia - Fresh Produce Marketplace

Founded in 2020, Homemade Indonesia is a tech company focused on developing solutions for fresh produces in general, and traditional/wet/farmers market in particular. Our products currently comprise of android and iOS marketplace apps that connect traditional market sellers and buyers.

We believe in preserving the traditional market ecosystem and seek to improve upon its efficiency by introducing better technologies. We also believe in promoting the rich varieties of traditional market products in general and spices in particular throughout Indonesia and internationally.

Why us?

1. Vast list of fresh produces.
2. Price comparison among our sellers.
3. Reliability and accountability

As we have a vast variety of options of fresh produces with their own quality and prices, we would suggest selecting the products based on requirements and specifications. Please download our app to be able to view all the available options. All prices are FOB, and are still open to negotiation.

Should there be any products that seem to be unavaiable, or should you need any help, please contact us through our WhatsApp +62811651271
Items English Indonesian Rupiah per Kg USD per Kg Min Order
Coffee Beans Roasted Robusta Robusta IDR 107.500 US$7,25 1 ton
Roasted Arabica Arabica IDR 197.500 US$13,33 1 ton
Green Robusta Robusta IDR 55.000 US$3,71 1 ton
Green Arabica Arabika IDR 75.000 US$5,06 1 ton
Spices Nutmeg Biji / buah pala IDR 60.000 US$4,05 1 ton
Cloves Cengkeh IDR 100.000 US$6,75 1 ton
White pepper Lada putih IDR 100.000 US$6,75 1 ton
Cinnamon Kayu manis IDR 150.000 US$10,12
Cardamom Kapulaga IDR 75.000 US$5,06 1 ton
Palm Sugar Gula Aren IDR 25.000 US$1,69
Black pepper Lada hitam IDR 70.000 US$4,72 1 ton
Red Dried Chili Cabe Merah Kering IDR 70.000 US$4,72 1 ton
Turmeric Kunyit IDR 20.000 US$1,35
Coriander Ketumbar IDR 36.000 US$2,43
Fennel/Cumin Adas IDR 80.000 US$5,40
Capsicum Paprika IDR 75.000 US$5,06
Bay Leaf Daun Salam IDR 25.000 US$1,69
Ginger Jahe IDR 35.000 US$2,36
Betel Leaf Daun Sirih IDR 45.150 US$3,05
Star Anise Bunga Lawang IDR 170.000 US$11,47
Lemon Lemon IDR 10.000 US$0,67
Vegetables Lettuce Selada IDR 20.000 US$1,35
Spinach Bayam IDR 10.000 US$0,67
Water Spinach Kangkung IDR 10.000 US$0,67
Cabbage Kubis IDR 12.000 US$0,81
Carrot Wartel IDR 8.000 US$0,54
Banana Leaf Daun Pisang IDR 20.000 US$1,35
Tempeh Tempe IDR 22.500 US$1,52
Cilembu Sweet Potato Ubi Cilembu IDR 15.000 US$1,01
Potato Kentang IDR 12.000 US$0,81
Tomato Tomat IDR 14.000 US$0,94
Peanut Kacang Tanah IDR 32.000 US$2,16
Red Kidney Bean Kacang Merah IDR 70.000 US$4,72
Cucumbur Timun IDR 10.000 US$0,67
Okra Okra IDR 40.000 US$2,70
Broccoli Brokoli IDR 12.000 US$0,81
Cauliflower Kembang Kol IDR 16.000 US$1,08
Corn Jagung IDR 8.000 US$0,54
Eggplant Terong IDR 20.000 US$1,35
Oyster Mushroom Jamur Tiram IDR 50.000 US$3,37
Beetroot Buah Bit IDR 13.000 US$0,88
Radish Lobak IDR 10.000 US$0,67
Fruits Semi Husked Coconut Kelapa Bulat IDR 33.000 US$2,23
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