The Winey Process

The Winey Process is inspired by the robust, aromatic, and fermented characteristics found in wine, as well as the use of raisins in the production of specific wines such as Amarone. This method involves allowing coffee cherries to overripen, dry, and ferment under sunlight.

Similar to the natural processing method, the winey process entails laying the beans on a surface to dry in the sun during the day and then transferring them to plastic tubs for nighttime storage. However, unlike the two-week duration needed for natural coffee production, the winey process extends over 30 to 60 days. This extended duration ensures that fermentation occurs within the coffee cherries. Once the cherries exhibit a raisin-like appearance, they undergo depulping using a depulper machine, followed by drying until the water content reaches 12-14%. The final outcome is a robust, fruity, and wine-like cup profile.