Bouquet Care Tips + How To Dry Flowers by Flowers

Homemade Indonesiaís Exclusive : Bouquet Care Tips + How To Dry Flowers by Flowers are arguably the most beautiful gift you can ever give and receive. ?? ? Many times we give or receive flowers but never really know how to keep these beauties last longer than we expect. In this exclusive video, Angella Mia @angellamia_ ,the founder and floral artist of DeFlowers, is going to show Homemade audience some tips on how to care for your bouquet. Furthermore, Angella also shows us how to dry flowers and how to arrange your own dried flower bouquet! ? Thank you so much dear Angella for sharing your talent with us! For those who donít know already, Angella is a young floral artist in her mid 20s, who started out arranging flowers as a hobby before building her own career. Check out her beautiful work @de_flowers and @lamiaflorist to get inspired? To Angella, keep blossoming, inspiring and spreading beauty among us! ??? #homemadeindonesia #supportlocaltalent #floristmedan #howtodryflowers #bouquetcaretips