Grandmas Cheescake by Chef Miriam

Grandmas Cheescake by Chef Miriam and Homemade Indonesia 🎉 Recipe: 1. Separate 4 room temp eggs, put egg yolks in blender, and whip the egg whites in the mixer on medium - high speed for about 5 mins. 2. Blend 250gr of cream cheese with egg yolks, 1 can condensed milk, 1 can evaporated milk until nice and smooth. 3. Pour the batter into the egg whites and using a spatula, fold the egg whites into the cream cheese batter until everything is well mixed. 4. Melt 70gr butter and mix 3/4 of melted butter into 1 cup of graham cookies crumbs. 5. Coat bottom and sides of pan with the rest of melted butter. Place parchment paper on the bottom of your 8” cake pan. Pour crumb mixture into pan and with your fingers, press firmly in the bottom of the pan. 6. Pour the batter into pan, bake for approximately 1 h in 350’F / 180’C oven. Cheesecake is ready! Add icing sugar or even coulis on top! (Optional) 😍 Make sure to go to @homemade.indonesia IGTV : ‘GRANDMA’S CHEESECAKE & KOLAK PISANG’ for a step-by-step tutorial! .... ‘GRANDMA’S CHEESECAKE’ oleh Chef Miriam dan Homemade Indonesia 🎉 Resep: 1. Pisahkan 4 telur, masukkan kuning telur ke blender, dan kocok putih telur dalam mixer dengan speed sedang - tinggi sekitar 5 menit. 2.Blender 250gr krim keju dengan kuning telur, 1 kaleng susu kental manis, 1 kaleng susu evaporasi hingga halus dan lembut. 3. Tuang adonan ke dalam putih telur dan gunakan spatula, ‘fold’ putih telur ke dalam adonan cream cheese hingga tercampur rata. 4. Lelehkan 70gr mentega dan campur 3/4 mentega cair ke dalam 1 cangkir remah biskuit graham. (Bisa diganti roti Marie) 5. Lapisi bagian bawah dan sisi wajan dengan sisa mentega cair. Letakkan kertas roti di bagian bawah loyang kue 8 inci Anda. Tuang campuran remah ke dalam loyang dan tekan ke dasar loyang. 6. Tuang adonan ke loyang, panggang selama 1 jam dalam oven 350 "F / 180" C. Hias kue dengan ditambahkan icing sugar / coulis. Tutorial lengkap @homemade.indonesia IGTV: ‘GRANDMA’S CHEESECAKE & KOLAK PISANG’! #homemadeindonesia #aplikasihomemadeindonesia #chefmiriamecheverria #cheesecakerecipe #dessertsrecipe #cheesecake #resepcheesecake #pertukaranbudaya #recipe #resep